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    Improved: Change common webapp to common-theme (OFBIZ-12576) · 88b5c40f
    Jacques Le Roux authored
    Currently the ofbiz-component.xml in themes refers to 2 webapps common-theme and
    images. The location of the former is location="webapp/common". At least on my
    machine this creates, or has created, a local only common directory under themes
    At some points (some months ago IIRW) I had to add a bunch of .gitgnore files
    unders subdirs of this local only common directory.
    I think it's better to have the location of the common-theme webapp at
    webapp/common-theme. Hence the possible local only common directory under themes
    disappears. Backend and frontend work fine. It's just some rename so should be
    easy to revert if ever I miss something.
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