1. 06 Aug, 2021 7 commits
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      Improved: Add global web.xml to simplify session timeout configuration (OFBIZ-12255) · 6106277b
      Jacques Le Roux authored
      Currently, session timeout is configured in apps separately, but session is
      shared globally, so the smallest one take effects, and it will not take effect
      separately for different apps.
      Then it is both inconvenient and confusing to increase session timeout value,
      as all values in those files need to be updated.
      A global web.xml is needed, to simplify session timeout configuration.
      Thanks: Xin Wang
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  7. 04 May, 2021 1 commit
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      Improved: Handle remaining checkstyle errors (OFBIZ-12169) · dbfa4f0c
      Jacques Le Roux authored
      This handles the "'(' should be on the previous line?" rule of MethodParamPad
      Actually not completely, because there are still some cases that can't be
      handled by changing code, notably when a casting is necessary. I believe there
      is an error in checkstyle code. I'll discuss that in dev ML before sending
      checkstyle team a report.
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      Improved: Comment out the SOAP and HTTP engines (OFBIZ-12212) · a3438121
      Jacques Le Roux authored
      The SOAP and HTTP engines are open doors to security issues.
      At https://markmail.org/message/pgtjyh23bazq4s2w I proposed to comment them out
      as we did for RMI in the past.
      Of cause it must be clearly documented how to use them if needed.
      Here is the email content:
          After the recent fix for the CVE-2021-26295[1] we discussed with the security
          team about the opportunity need to comment out the SOAP and HTTP engines
          like we did in the past for RMI[2], this obviously for security reason.
          [1] OFBIZ-12167 "Adds a blacklist (to be
          renamed soon to denylist) in Java serialisation (CVE-2021-26295)"
          [2] OFBIZ-6942 "Comment out RMI related
          code because of the Java deserialization issue [CVE-2016-2170] "
      I just put a small comment in webtools and scrumm controllers, it should be
      The tests pass
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      Fixed: Error while uploading file in Ecommerce Profile's File Manager (OFBIZ-10746) · 2b6da24f
      Jacques Le Roux authored
      On uploading File in Ecommerce Profile's File Manager,
      "The following required parameter is missing:
      [IN] [uploadPartyContentFile.partyContentTypeId]" error is displaying.
      Steps to regenerate the issue:
          Open Ecommerce on Ofbiz.
          Login with any user.
          Go to Profile.
          Navigate down to File Manager.
          Select Purpose.
          Seletct Mime Type
          Click upload.
      Thanks: Aishwary Shrivastava for report, Priya Sharma fir the fix
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