1. 04 Jul, 2022 2 commits
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      Improved: Add sequenceNum field on contentAssoc list (OFBIZ-12654) · 8ee85ec3
      Nicolas Malin authored
      By the way, clean unnecessary code and change groovy scripting call by the native date translation
      Thanks to Ingo Wolfmayr for this issue
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      Improved: Add missing parameter on xsd for widget-form:on-field-event-update-area (OFBIZ-12586) · 576307ac
      Nicolas Malin authored
      On the widget-form.xsd definition, the element on-field-event-update-area haven't possibility to define some parameters.
      But on java code, the on-field-event-update-area is read like on-event-update-area.
      If you put some parameters on your code, your editor raise a syntax error but OFBiz analyse and execute it well.
                  <wf:field name="reload" >
                      <wf:on-field-event-update-area event-type="click"
                          <wf:auto-parameters-service service-name="computeForReload" send-if-empty="false"/>
      By the way we can synchronize the on-field-event-update-area xsd on on-event-update-area.
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      Improved: Convert a display-entity to hyperlink if subhyperlink this empty (OFBIZ-12547) · e0f61dce
      Nicolas Malin authored
      When you define a display-entity you have the possibility to add a sub-hyperlink related to the element displayed.
                   <field name="partyIdFrom">
                      <display-entity entity-name="PartyNameView" key-field-name="partyId" description="${groupName}${firstName} ${lastName}">
                          <sub-hyperlink target="viewprofile" description="view">...</sub-hyperlink>
      This display the party name with a link "view" connected.
      When you use the name as link without a dedicate sub link, you need to change all the form to resolve the information to display for creating an hyperlink
                      <entity-one entity-name="PartyNameView" value-field="partyName">
                              <field-map field-name="partyId" from-field="partyIdFrom"/>
                      <set field="partyNameValue" value=" ${partyName.groupName}${partyName.firstName} ${partyName.lastName}"/>
                  <field name="partyIdFrom">
                      <hyperlink target="viewprofile" description="${partyNameValue}">..</hyperlink>
      We lost the advantage of the display-entity. With this case, we improve display-entity with the following rule :
      If the display-entity has a subhyperlink and the subhyperlink haven't description, the description of the link is the display-entity description.
      In the code, if a sub-hyperlink has an empty description, we convert the display entity as a hyperlink
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      Improved: Refactoring service resenquence (OFBIZ-12624) · 8015dcb0
      Nicolas Malin authored
      The service "resequence" compute for a content all sequenceNum for linked content assoc.
      The code is very old (before apache) so apply a slim refactor and migrate the service name resequence to resequenceContentAssocChildren.
      By the way I kept the service definition resequence to move it as deprecated.
    • Nicolas Malin's avatar
      Fixed: MenuItem doesn't follow correctly extended informations (OFBIZ-12628) · 7ea371bd
      Nicolas Malin authored
      Fix a null pointer exception when the extended menu have an entry without link.
      Thanks to Jacques Leroux for the alert
    • Jacques Le Roux's avatar
      Improved: CustomSafePolicy, also use TagBalancingHtmlStreamEventReceiver (OFBIZ-12653) · 78ee6f87
      Jacques Le Roux authored
      Adds <img> and <hr> to CustomSafePolicy, removes obsolete <tt>. <img> allows
      only attributes src and alt.
      Both <br> and <br /> are correct. For that, this rather uses
      Thanks: Ingo Wolfmayr
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