Commit 2da6de10 authored by Jacques Le Roux's avatar Jacques Le Roux


Just fixes a typo I guess people from Indonesia and Yogyakarta did not see
it yet, so I did not create a Jira
parent 4ac9ae09
......@@ -52,7 +52,7 @@ under the License.
<Geo abbreviation="SB" geoCode="SB" geoId="ID-SB" geoName="Sumatera Barat" geoTypeId="PROVINCE"/>
<Geo abbreviation="SS" geoCode="SS" geoId="ID-SS" geoName="Sumatera Selatan" geoTypeId="PROVINCE"/>
<Geo abbreviation="SU" geoCode="SU" geoId="ID-SU" geoName="Sumatera Utara" geoTypeId="PROVINCE"/>
<Geo abbreviation="YO" geoCode="YO" geoId="ID-YO" geoName="Yogyakarta" geoTypeId="REGIOIN"/>
<Geo abbreviation="YO" geoCode="YO" geoId="ID-YO" geoName="Yogyakarta" geoTypeId="REGION"/>
<GeoAssoc geoId="IDN" geoIdTo="ID-AC" geoAssocTypeId="REGIONS"/>
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