Commit 0039dcd7 authored by Michael Brohl's avatar Michael Brohl

Fixed: German translation typo in PartyUiLabels


Thanks: Ingo Könemann for reporting and providing the patch.
parent 756b181c
......@@ -11077,7 +11077,7 @@
<property key="PartyPostalAddressSuccessfullyUpdated">
<value xml:lang="ar">تم تحديث عنوان صندوق البريد</value>
<value xml:lang="cs">Poštovní adresa úspěšně aktualizována.</value>
<value xml:lang="de">Postadresse erfolgreich aktualisisert.</value>
<value xml:lang="de">Postadresse erfolgreich aktualisiert.</value>
<value xml:lang="en">Postal Address successfully updated.</value>
<value xml:lang="es">Dirección postal actualizada con éxito.</value>
<value xml:lang="fr">Adresse postale mise à jour</value>
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