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    Documented: Framework, migration all docbook files to asciidoc · b0f445b1
    holivier authored
    - common-sending-email: include in email
    - datafile: move as a include at the end of entity-engine section
    - entity-engine: list of link to OFBiz wiki about entity configuration
    - service-engine: a link to OFBiz wiki Service Engine Guide
    - webtools: help for main screen
    - mini-lang: include a link to OFBiz wiki mini-lang-reference at the
    beginning of minilang-to-groovy-manual
               move minilang-to-groovy-manual to Development environment
    - unit-test: include as Junit test, and use README to list gradle
    command available (so add a tag in REAME.adoc)
    - base: add a link to OFBiz wiki Configuration Guide, in deployment
    - SingleSignOn with LDAP: move to plugin LDAP and include in deployment
    developer-manual is updated with some include lines or with directly a