1. 25 May, 2020 5 commits
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      Documented: datamodel markdown migration to asciidoc (OFBIZ-11574) · a82c3032
      Aditya Sharma authored
      * Documented: datamodel markdown migration to asciidoc
      - DATAMODEL_CHANGE migration to asciidoc and add a included in
      - Readme migration to asciidoc
      * Documented: theme/README.md change theme/README.adoc but with very
      simple content
      README.md  has been migrated to asciidoc as doc/themes.adoc previously
      but remove README.md has been forgot.
      In this commit README.md is removed and a new README.adoc is created
      with only a brief component definition and link to the theme
      documentation (and developer-manual which included theme.adoc)
      * Documented: datamodel markdown migration to asciidoc
      Added new field parentGlXbrlClassId taking reference from DATAMODEL_CHANGES.md which was added with OFBIZ-10613 and missing in adoc file
      Co-authored-by: default avatarholivier <holivier@apache.org>
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      Fixed: organisation tree in humanres doesn't show person names (OFBIZ-11677) (#121) · 52732c88
      Pierre Smits authored
      * Fixed: Tree on main page of the humanres component doesn't show names of persons
      When parties are assigned to employee positions their names aren't shown in the tree
      fixed: the function that retrieves the person record of the assigned party was using
      	the wrong variable in the query, resulting in a null being returned. Corrected the variable
      added/improved: retrieval of the middleName value of the person record, added it to the title
      improved: ordering of the names making up the title.
      improved: applying proper case to variable names
      * Fixed: Tree on main page of the humanres component doesn't show names of persons
      invoking PartyHelper.getPartyName instead of custom code
      code clean-up
      Thanks to Pawan Verma for the review and the suggestion
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      Improved: Improved: Changed lineSplit value to 150. · d6ebef61
      Suraj Khurana authored
      Earlier it was 120, as per discussion over ML we decided to make it 150 instead.
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    • Suraj Khurana's avatar
      Improved: Converted createDownloadContent,updateDownloadContent services from mini-lang to groovy. · 7aa3db4c
      Suraj Khurana authored
      Thanks Devanshu Vyas for reporting, Harman Kaur and Rahul for initial patch, Pawan for review.
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