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      Fixed: Induction from DB does not represent relations properly. (#290) (OFBIZ-12178) · e786da42
      bjugl authored
      As encountered in OFBIZ-6510, the ModelInduceFromDb does currently not include entity relations and foreign key constraints. Since they are an important part of the database model, we should fix that.
      I could track down the problem to an incomplete invocation of the ModelEntity through the constructor used in the DatabaseUtil.induceModelFromDb() Methods. This constructor does not initialize the Relations.
      Problem is, that the ModelEntity initialized through the "DB Names Constructor" does not cover references in its current state at all.
      While working on an implementation I realized, that the API is not very congruent in this regards. I would expect that I could initialize ModelRelations the same way ModelFields are initialized in this context:
      The create() Method takes a ModelEntity, DatabaseUtil.ColumnCheckInfo (respectively a DatabaseUtil.ReferenceCheckInfo) and a ModelFieldTypeReader (that could be left out for references) and creates ModelField (ModelRelation) objects that are added to the ModelEntity.
      But that is not the case at the moment. On one hand not all fields that would be necessary are covered in the DatabaseUtil.ReferenceCheckInfo Objects (e.g. "type" is missing), on the other the object is missing public getters to make the values available in the first place.
      Thanks a bunch Benjamin, nice add !
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      Improved: Comment out the SOAP and HTTP engines (OFBIZ-12212) · 643b9c7e
      Jacques Le Roux authored
      The SOAP and HTTP engines are open doors to security issues.
      At https://markmail.org/message/pgtjyh23bazq4s2w I proposed to comment them out
      as we did for RMI in the past.
      Of cause it must be clearly documented how to use them if needed.
      Here is the email content:
          After the recent fix for the CVE-2021-26295[1] we discussed with the security
          team about the opportunity need to comment out the SOAP and HTTP engines
          like we did in the past for RMI[2], this obviously for security reason.
          [1] OFBIZ-12167 "Adds a blacklist (to be
          renamed soon to denylist) in Java serialisation (CVE-2021-26295)"
          [2] OFBIZ-6942 "Comment out RMI related
          code because of the Java deserialization issue [CVE-2016-2170] "
      I just put a small comment in webtools controller, it should be enough.
      The tests pass
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      Fixed: addImageForProduct fails (OFBIZ-12211) · 76d6382c
      Jacques Le Roux authored
      The addImageForProduct  process is not directly uploading a file but renames it
      before.So there is a hyphen, and possibly a pair or parenthesis in case of
      duplicate files, added to the file name.
      In this commit I have also added the possibility to use underscores and spaces
      in the original filename
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      Fixed: Convert ImageManagementServices.xml minilang to groovy (OFBIZ-11604) · 7d9db5e3
      Jacques Le Roux authored
      For an unknown reason (I did not dig in), in uploadProductImages
      result.productId = parameters.productId must be set at start and not end
      because parameters.productId does not exist at end. I guess because of the call
      to addMultipleuploadForProduct, but as I said I did not dig in.
      Also updateStatusImageManagement did not return productId
      Unrelated removes an useless new line in ImageManagementServices.java
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    • Jacques Le Roux's avatar
      Fixed: Invalid Currency symbol in income statement csv export (OFBIZ-12108) · 79c991e7
      Jacques Le Roux authored
      1. Navigate to URL: accounting/control/IncomeStatement?organizationPartyId=Company
      2. In income statement section click on export as csv button.
      3. The exported csv has correct balance but with invalid currency symbol.
      4. On screen USD $ symbol is shown and in csv some other currency symbol is shown.
      Thanks: Lalit Dashora for report, Praveen Sharma for the fix
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    • Jacques Le Roux's avatar
      Improved: Have a status on agreement records (OFBIZ-10902) · 1b84668a
      Jacques Le Roux authored
      Currently, unlike many other entities, the Agreement entity does not have the
      statusId field defined. Agreements, like the other entities, should have a
      status (values that help determine the phase of the lifespan beyond
      the start- and end date of the agreement), such as:
          In Progress
          Happy flows:
              Happy flow a) created ->b) submitted (for review) -> c) reviewed ->
                         d) approved -> e) in effect -> f) concluded (ended)
              Same, with more flow: a) created ->b) submitted (for review) ->
                         c) reviewed -> d) adjusted -> e) reviewed -> f) approved ->
                         g) in effect -> h) concluded (ended)
          Unhappy flows:
              Unhappy flow: a) created ->b) submitted (for review) -> c) reviewed ->
                            d) cancelled
              Same, with more flow: a) created ->b) submitted (for review) ->
                            c) reviewed -> d) adjusted -> e) reviewed -> f) cancelled
          Prematurely ended flows:
              Nipped in the bud flow a) created  -> b) cancelled
          flows from approval (in effect or in execution) till the end-of-times
              a) approved -> b) in effect -> c) concluded (ended)
              a) approved -> b) in effect -> c) terminated (prematurely ended)
      Party Roles
      Following Party Roles are involved:
          Agreement Creator - the party (person) that creates, edit, updates and
                              submits the agreement for review
          Agreement Reviewer - the party (person) that reviews the agreement on its
                               merits and impact for the company/organisation
          Agreement Approver - the party (person) that, based on law, regulations
                               and/or business policies approves (or rejects) the
          Agreement Manager - the party (person) that manages the execution of terms
                              of the agreement after the approval till the end-of-times
          Agreement Owner - the Party (party group with roleTypeId INTERNAL_ORGANIZATIO,
                             and  and registered in PartyAcctgPreference) that is
                             legally bound by the agreement
      jleroux: this lacks demo data but can still be useful
      Thanks: Pierre Smits
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      Fixed: Bug preventing proper explosion of BOM containing virtual nodes (OFBIZ-12191) · b5b062de
      Pawan Verma authored
      Thanks: Nameet for report and fix and Jacopo for test.
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    • Michael Brohl's avatar
      Fixed: Replace Bintray by a new place to upload the Gradle Wrapper · e08bfa17
      Michael Brohl authored
      Changes script to use the proper Gradle wrapper version. Changes the
      download url from Bintray to Gradle GitHub repository and removes the
      backup link. Adjusts the sha checksums accordingly.
      The Gradle download link pulls a gradle-wrapper.properties file which
      references services.gradle.org/distributions/gradle-6.5-bin.zip instead
      of a 6.5.1 distribution. This was left this way for consistency.
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