Commit 587bfaef authored by Antoine Ouvrard's avatar Antoine Ouvrard

[138]- le méchanisme de $env ne semble pas fonctionner pour le datasource-name

parent c7268274
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......@@ -52,7 +52,7 @@ access. For a detailed description see the core/docs/entityconfig.html file.
<debug-xa-resources value="false" /> <!-- see for more -->
<delegator name="default" entity-model-reader="main" entity-group-reader="main" entity-eca-reader="main" distributed-cache-clear-enabled="false">
<group-map group-name="org.apache.ofbiz" datasource-name="${env:OFB_DB:localderby}"/>
<group-map group-name="org.apache.ofbiz" datasource-name="localpostgres"/>
<group-map group-name="org.apache.ofbiz.olap" datasource-name="localderbyolap"/>
<group-map group-name="org.apache.ofbiz.tenant" datasource-name="localderbytenant"/>
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